Everyone has personal inclinations when it comes to trees, but there are those trees that are native to Austin, Texas. Whether you need trees that provide shade or those that produce fruits, there are all types of trees in Austin.

Some common types of trees in Austin include:

Live Oaks

This is a native Austin tree. Most people have the escarpment and interior species of live oaks. However, newer plants have been cross-pollinated to give you more options. Arborists will recommend the native live oak thanks to the fact that it grows slowly and its strength to withstand several diseases and environmental factors.

Cedar Elms

Cedar Elms are common, and they do well in Austin. They are a native species that are drought tolerant. You can recognize these trees with their thick cuticles and small leaves that help them survive long dry periods.
These trees are thicker than live oaks, but with a weaker wood physiology. Unlike oaks, elms do not compartmentalize rotting making them prone to damage.

American Holly

This is a medium-sized tree that grows well all over Texas. The trees are highly resistant to drought, but can still survive in areas where drainage is poor. The leaves of this tree are evergreen with a glossy surface. It also produces bright red berries.

Bur Oaks

These trees are also native to Texas, but they need a lot of space. They provide enough shade in an Austin home. The trees can grow up to 70 feet tall, producing large acorns and leaves. Though the tree does well in deep soil, it still thrives in Austin soil.

Arizona Cypress

This tree is for those who need screening trees. It is an evergreen drought tree that sports an icy blue appearance on it. Once planted, the trees grow fast.

Eastern Redbud

This is a small type of tree that exhibits quick growth. It is ideal if you need a tall tree in the next few years in your home. Being a Texas Native, this tree prefers heavy shade, is resistant to drought, but is susceptible to developing stem cankers.
The tree grows pea-shaped flowers which are either purple or pink during spring adding beauty to your home.

Mexican Plum

Mexican plum trees are small in size and produce appealing flowers in fall. This is a native Texas tree making it resistant to drought and other environmental factors in Austin. They, however, can be messy and are prone to attack by borers.

Other Trees

There are hundreds of trees native to Austin that you can plant. You can also try planting some other exotic types. Other types include lacebark elms, Monterey oaks, possumhaw holly, southern red oaks, Texas Ash and escarpment black cherry. You can learn more at austintree.org.

Remember, when choosing among the hundreds of trees that you can plant, both native and exotic, consider the size of the tree and the size of land you have. If you choose native trees, you are sure they will survive because they are adapted to survive in this particular environment. They will, therefore, have enough light, water, and sunlight.